The History of Poker

wild west poker The exact origin of poker is unknown but the name can be traced to many different European languages such as French, German and even Irish. Its history goes back over a thousand years and spreads over several continents and cultures. Poker is said to be linked with a Renaissance game called “Primero”, a French game called “brelan” and an old English game called “brag”.Most of these games involved bluffing though they were not the only ones to do so. These games can be traced back to as early as 1526 and are quoted in many different forms of literature.Poker is an exciting game with an equally interesting back story. The first “poker” game was played along the Mississippi River line in the mid 18th century. The game quickly became popular and is quoted as the beginning of commercial gambling. The game was played with variations between number of players and number of cards. It spread across America with the gold rush and quickly became a popular way to pass time, both on the water and on land but it was not until the 19th century that poker as we know it came to life.The 20th century saw poker reach a whole new level. Poker spread across Europe with a little help from American soldiers in World War One. The growth in technology also added fuel to the flames. After the first official tournaments, the first online casinos with real life money were established which brought poker to a wider audience and allowed players from all over the world to play together. Poker then spread to literature and not in the way it had before. The first books on strategy and game play were published, proving that you didn’t need to have Lady Luck on your side to make a profit from cards!The invention of online casinos shaped the poker experience. More and more people began not just to play but to watch. Poker spread like wild fire with the introduction of television and online coverage. Poker players became celebrities over night and the card game with humble beginnings became a professional activity. Poker is no longer just a card game but THE game to play; whether your sitting in the comfort of your own home or a big casino.