The Best Poker Players in the World

Just like any other game in the world, there are some poker players that stand out from the rest. Many people will have their own version of who should be on the list and their opinion is welcomed. Here we will rank a few of them and our grading system depends on the amount of money they have won over time.

  • Antonio Esfandiari – He was born in Iran and now resides in the US. Over the past 10 years, he has won over $1 million every year in tournaments. He came into the limelight 10 years ago when he won the top prize in the LA Poker Classic. Many people love to watch him play live because of the thrill. The personal interaction makes the game more interesting. This is the reason why the live casino section of most casinos is also so popular; players enjoy the live interaction with the dealer.
  • Daniel Negreanu – He is famous for his consistency over the years. He is the only person who has consistently won in the World Series in Europe, Las Vegas, and Australia. He is also named in the ‘Global Poker Index Player of the Decade’.
  • Phil Ivey – He also goes by the name ‘Jerome’. He has been placed as the number one poker player 25 times and is regarded as the Tiger Woods of poker. He won his first World Series in 2000 and has had a winning streak since then.
  • Erick Seidel – He is quite an ‘old-school’ player having won his first title in 1998, much before online poker became viral. His skill level was so high that Hollywood featured him in the movie ‘Rounders’.

There are many more poker gurus out there in different categories. If you have some more players to suggest, go ahead and add to this list.